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Experience hassle-free production trade shows with StarBridges. Our seasoned logistics team guarantees the prompt and stress-free arrival of your exhibit materials, making your exhibitions a breeze.

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We are ready to bet that you haven’t often seen delivery companies in the services of transport companies for this industry. But StarBriges is also doing this — successfully and efficiently. Although exhibitions are a less popular and mentioned industry, it still requires an established supply chain. And most often it should be fast. Our team copes with this perfectly. Concerts, festivals, and major events should be at the highest level. There is no place for delays and procrastination at events of this level. StarBrides understands this perfectly and is ready to help you with the expedited delivery of all the necessary equipment. Accessories for the stage, lighting, sound systems, exhibits — everything that you may need, we can deliver in the shortest possible time. We understand that a lot of problems can occur when organizing entertainment events. Something may break or get lost. And so that the events aren’t canceled, you can use the services of StarBriges. Our dispatchers will arrange an individual delivery offer for you, and truckers will bring the cargo in the shortest possible time and without damage.

Delivery Features

When dealing with exhibition halls and concerts, we, as professionals, must understand the specifics of this industry. That is why we are well versed in what a target exhibition is. You tell us the date and time of delivery, which is assigned to you following your place in the showroom. And we plan delivery in such a way that you aren’t late and that you don’t pay us extra money for a long idle time in the queue to check into the pavilion.

About us

Are you looking for a reliable shipping company that can get your cargo to its destination at the right temperature and humidity, with the right fittings and fasteners? Then look no further.

StarBriges is here to help! We specialize in providing customers with first-class transportation options at affordable prices.

You can rest assured that your cargo will be delivered safely, on time, and with the utmost care.You can track progress on your shipment online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — and we’ll even give you an estimated arrival time so you’ll know when to expect delivery. Our dispatcher is always available at the end of a phone call or email if there are any questions about your shipment or delivery status. One person will be responsible for managing your delivery from start to finish — so no need for multiple phone calls or emails!

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